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Affordable Neutral Pucks

Construction of Pucks with Affordable Low-Tech Materials


Researchers on surface computing usually design and create their own pucks involving rubbery materials in an elaborated fabrication process. It delivers excellent results in terms of physical properties, customized shapes, and fitting to very specific and specialized situations in digital tabletop applications.

However, quite often we do not actually need such level of sophistication or we do not have enough time to develop our pucks on time… and in addition, for many applications would be fine enough with getting some kind of neutral pucks.

A low-tech solution is shown here to create neutral pucks very quickly and at a low cost. All what we need is simply some materials that can be easily got in any non-specialized hardware store, stationer’s shops, or even supermarkets. In this particular case I have opted for door stops, but any other similar element fitting better to your requirements could be used too. The solution could seem a bit ugly or less cool than other approaches but it is really effective, practical and handy.





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