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Isidro Ramos Salavert

Isidro Ramos Salavert is Professor of Software Engineering in the Department of Information Systems and Computation (DSIC) at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. He is the leader of the Information Systems and Software Engineering (ISSI) research group. 

His current research fields are Model Driven Engineering (MDE) and Software Architectures.


Brief Curriculum Vitae

Isidro Ramos Salavert is a Physics graduate (1966, Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and a Computer Science Engineer (1972, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid). He received his PhD in 1971 from the Faculty of Physical Sciences at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 


He is a full professor since 1974. He has been teaching during 43 years in several universities: Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1966-1974), Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy I (1972-1973), Universidad del Pais Vasco (1974-1978), Universidad de Valencia

(1978-1987), and Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (since 1987).


He has 30 years of active research (5 Sexenios). During this period, he has supervised 29 PhD. Thesis, and he has participated in 29 Research Projects, some of them as the main researcher. His research results have been published in national and international conferences (79 and 104 papers respectively), as well in national and international journals (25 and 29 articles respectively). In addition, Isidro is member and president of different Programme Committees of relevant national and international conferences. He has been a researcher in the following International centres: CERN (Switzerland), IMAG (Grenoble, France), CRIN (Nancy, France), ESLAI (La Plata, Argentina), Computer Science Dept. at the NY Stony Brook University (USA). He has also been the International Coordinator of the VII CYTED Subprogram on Applied Electronics and Computing, the Founder President of the spanish Society of Software Engineering (SYSTEDES), the President  of the University of Castilla-la Mancha, and of the Board of Trustees, etc.

He has been awarded with the Spanish Informatics National Award (1974), with the Informatics award by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, (2002), and with the José Garcia Santesmases Award 2006 (a Spanish National Award in Informatics).

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