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Ingeniería del Software y Sistemas de Información

Welcome to the home page of the Software Engineering and Information Systems (ISSI) research group at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain


The ISSI group is part of the Logic Programming and Software Engineering Research Group (the acronym of which is GPLIS, following its name in Spanish).

Historically, our research efforts have resulted in  a formal, declarative object model called OASIS, and its associated tools, ranging from rapid protyping environments to model compilers allowing automatic code generation in object-oriented programming languages.

Our current research interests include Requirements Engineering, Formal Methods, Software Architectures, Object-Oriented Modeling, Model Compilers, Aspect-Oriented Development, Distributed Systems, Software Evolution, Model Management, Workflow Management, Software Process and Agile Methods, Digital Libraries, Document Engineering and Emergency Management Systems.

You can reach an outdated group website following this link: Object Oriented Conceptual Modelling and Databases Research Team (OOCMDB)